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New Industry Co-Chairs

We are delighted to introduce Darragh O' Connor and Oisín Browne, our two new industry co-Chairs of the Sales Professionals Network Steering Group for 2023.

Oisín Browne is author of 3 Bestselling Business Books and he is Sales Enablement Specialist at The City Bin Co. Oisín has 20+ years of sales, sales training, enablement, and leadership experience, across Europe and Middle East with expertise across B2B, B2C & B2G (Service, Product, SaaS)

Darragh O' Connor is Head of Sales for Glasson Lakehouse and the Dean Galway. A graduate of Shannon College of Hotel Management and having recently completed a course in Professional Sales Management at UCD, there are two things that he is passionate about - Sales and Tourism. He is the founder and Chairperson of Galway Convention Bureau an organization set up to attract International Conferencing to the City & County. He also serves as the current President of the Skål International Galway. He was elected onto Galway Chamber of Commerce Council for 2021/2022 period.

A big thank you to Kathrin Koedderitz and Donal Murphy who remain on our steering group but who have finished out their term as our industry co-chairs, steering us through the difficult Covid-19 period.

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